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About the Swim Center
sample Fifty yards around, 12 feet deep, and containing 180,000 gallons of water, the main animal swimming pool at NVASC is one of the largest of its kind in America. A smaller pool is used exclusively for dogs to start their swimming training and for special hydro-therapy programs. The pools are enclosed and, during the winter months, heated to allow year round swimming.

Built in 1976, the pool was part of a thoroughbred training facility and was used primarily to condition thoroughbred horses for the racing circuit. After purchase in 1989 by its present owners, Roger Collins and Laura Hayward, the facility was refurbished and opened as a rehabilitation and conditioning center for horses and dogs to use. Initially operating under the name Middleburg Equine Swim Center, it is now known as the Northern Virginia Animal Swim Center (NVASC).

sample 2 The Center is situated on 43 acres approximately 45 miles west of Washington, DC, in the middle of what is known as the Hunt Country of Virginia, an area rich in the history of Virginia and the heartland of the Virginia equestrian industry. Forty-two stalls complement the Center that allow for a full range of horse boarding to be offered. In addition to horses that are boarded for specific swimming or rehabilitation programs, regular boarding, both short and long term, is available for those that need it. The Center's location in the middle of foxhunting paradise and venues for internationally renowned horse shows make it an ideal stopover for out-of-town foxhunters or horse owners on their way to specific events or horse activities that need a place to stall or turn out their animals. The town of Middleburg offers many examples of fine "Olde Virginia" hospitality in their Bed & Breakfasts, Inns and restaurants and where the sign that says "George Washington slept here" really means it.

You can also check out our Horse and Dog Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page for answers.

Hours of Operation:
The pool is open year round for both horse and dog swimming.

7 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday.
7 am to 11 am Saturday
Closed for horses Sunday (by appointment only)

10 am to 8 pm Tuesday - Friday
10 am to 6 pm Saturday
10 am to 6 pm Sunday

Closed Mondays

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35469 Millville Road, Middleburg, VA 20117
Telephone: 540-687-6816   FAX: 540-687-8025

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